Quarantine: Day 1

Today feels like any other Monday. Regardless of my work shutting down I would have had today off anyways. Tomorrow officially starts the last day of work for most of my coworkers.

Today has been full of finding ways to keep myself entertained. We had a construction crew finishing fixing our balcony this morning. The rest of the afternoon has been a cleaning frenzy. I figured if I cleaned maybe I could go out and enjoy the days.

San Francisco has closed sit down restaurants, bars, clubs, and is telling everyone to stay home. I’m assuming the rest of the state will be doing the same soon. The latest news is for three weeks people will not be allowed to leave their homes unless they are going to doctors appointments or the grocery store.

Locally we cannot congregate past 50 people. Most of our stores are closing. This is insanity.

Just yesterday I was making jokes at work about enjoying our vacation, but it looks like I will spend most of my days quarantined at home. They’re calling it “social distancing” but anyone with half a brain can see through this guise. People are in full fledged panic mode as humanity has been attacked by a virus we do not have control over. I wonder how long this will last, how long we’ll have food, how long we’ll have water, how long we’ll be entitled to our freedoms as Americans.

There’s conspiracy theories from both sides of the political spectrum, however both sides seem to be stumbling over the next steps forward.

People are scared, and so am I.



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Katie Ranker

I am a tech connoisseur, YouTuber, photographer, and a writer. All photography and stories are my own. For business enquiries email me: kateranker@gmail.com